Elementor #4996

Job Description

Do you scroll through your phone all day, every day?
Is social media your refuge from reality?
Does your hand automatically reach out for your phone when you wake up?
Is ‘all problems will be solved if you leave your phone a taunt that kickstarts your day?

If yes, We got a job worth 70,000 bucks per month for you.

Nah this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. 
But if you are good at something, why do it for free 😉

Preferred Qualifications

  • Consumes memes for breakfast, and reels for dinner.
  • Scrolls through the feed as if their life depends on it
  • Hums Songs trending on reels
  • You’re something of a meme connoisseur yourself
  • Can speak in GIFs fluently
  • Pop culture is your entire personality

How to apply?

3 posts have been uploaded on our Instagram and Twitter handles. (@koham_in)

All you have to do is:- 

  1. Comment on the below mentioned posts on Instagram and Retweet them on twitter along with your comment. 
  2. Don’t Forget to use the following hashtags on twitter – #Koham #workwithkoham
  3. The posts are gonna be based on trends. So, make sure your puns are loaded. 

We’ll ask you to get the ball rolling with us. 

  1. Post all 3 of these on your Story and tag us.
  2. Follow @koham_in on Instagram and Twitter.
  3. The candidate with the wittiest comments and the most number of likes and retweets bags the job.


Getting a job has never been so simple and fun at the same time 😉