Petrichor Scented Candle | Earthy Smell of Rain and Dirt

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The fragrance of fresh mountain rain will take you close to nature while you read your favorite book in your bedroom. The sweet and powerfully evocative fragrance of the fresh rain has the ability to instantly put you in a better mood.

The Petrichor candle is made of natural soy wax and is 100% eco-friendly as it provides a clean burn with only fragrance released into the air with consistent quality from beginning to end. 

Burn Time: 25 Hours

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Someone once told us that the smell of the rain is so good, one should bottle it up and sell it. That’s exactly what we did. Now experience the calmness of Petrichor, in the cosy corner of your room with our scented candles.

Love the smell, hate the rain? We got you covered.

Claims - vegan, PETA certified, silicon free with recyclable plastic

Petrichor scented candles to set the aura right

Submerge yourself in the rain romance. Aroma therapy is now a flick away. Just light us up.

Indulge in an exquisite aroma therapy. Anywhere. Anytime.

Hey Siri, make it calm in here with Koham’s scented candle.

The earthy alluring scent of our petrichor flavoured candles will take you on a journey down the memory lane, while calming your body, mind and soul.

Light it within sight to avoid mishaps. Instantly make your aura aromatic, calming and refreshing.

Soy Wax

Brand Ethos


From manufacturing to packaging, we pride ourselves on being the most eco-friendly skincare brand in the country. Our products are natural, vegan, paraben-free and animal cruelty-free.


Diversity and inclusivity sit right at the heart of Koham. We may be divided by races, body types or genders, but are united by our mutual love for skincare. Skincare rests beyond the societal standards of beauty. It all boils down to care and nourishment. 


We are, who we are. No terms under fine print, and no over the top claims. Our products are ethically produced and sold at affordable rates. Skincare has gone beyond pampering to become a need, and we are committed to providing skincare that suits the needs of all and sundry.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 9 cm


10 reviews for Petrichor Scented Candle | Earthy Smell of Rain and Dirt

    Very soothing and great candles happy with the product . the smell the quantity and quality and price everything is just perfect
    tulsi sharma
    I can just smell this candle. It is marvelous! LOVE IT! I definitely want to order more candles from this brand. highly recommended product to all those who really love the smell of after rain
    Smells exactly like dirt. Personally, I love earthy outdoor scents. I give it 5 stars because it does really smell like dirt. It REALLY does and I love it.
    If you love the smell of dirt after rain. you'll love this candle I will be buying this again. It would make a great gift for gardeners.
    If you are a gardener or simply love the smell of fresh, clean dirt you will love this candle.
    Very soothing fell asleep to this one day
    Bought the candles to gift to a friend on Christmas. She loved loved loved the natural scent! gonna buy one for myself now
    Totally natural, and the smell is just perfect that it doesn't overwhelm you or make you feel claustrophobic, which I have personally faced with other ones I previously used.
    Loved the scented candle but lack of options. Hope to see more from you Koham!
    Love the scent of it, very pleasand and refreshing. OMW to order another one!
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Petrichor scented candle by Koham (250gms), scented candles

Petrichor Scented Candle | Earthy Smell of Rain and Dirt


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